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ControlCore Device Configurator

The ControlCore Device Configurator is a programming system for micro controller embedded data acquisition and control applications. It provides a Windows based user interface and embedded firmware. The ControlCore system allows a user to completely configure, download, and monitor an arbitrary control algorithm inside a micro controller based communicating I/O device. It provides a visual, function-block oriented, programming experience allowing Industrial Automation and/or HVAC professionals with no programming skills to implement custom control strategies.


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Hardware Identification

I/O configuration

Program Hardware

Simulation Mode

ControlCore features:
 ( watch here a brief ControlCore introduction and learn more about its powerful features and ease of use)

The ControlCore executive exists in two versions: the basic free ControlCore Device Configurator and ControlCore PRO. The table below summarizes the main features and the differences between the two versions:

  ControlCore basic ControlCore PRO
bullet Completely visual user interface, designed to be intuitive and easy to understand:
bullet No programming experience required:
bullet Full set of standard control blocks, PID, Pulse Width Modulation, ..., built in:
bullet Powerful F(x) capability, supports mixed digital and analog user defined functions:
bullet Full set of standard mathematical functions (Sin / Cos / Min / Max / Square Root ...) plus dt() and dv():
bullet Instant download and "live" monitoring mode to see real-time results at any stage of development:
bullet Simulation mode for development without hardware:
bullet End product automatically supports standard Modbus / RTU communications:
bulletMaximum number of digital blocks:
32 128
bullet Available programming space:
7 pages 13 pages
bulletMultiple COMM support:
bulletPeer-to-peer communication:
bulletText block, to display arbitrary text strings on the device display:
bulletHistory tab, live data graphics:
bulletProject password protection:
bulletCLK block to access on board RTC:
bulletRTC block to access real time clock parameters from ControlCore programs, Modbus, and display: (iSquared iStat6 device only).
bulletLocal history snapshot SNP blocks:
(iSquared iStat6 devices only).
free $499/license

Try it out in simulation mode (no hardware required):

Watch here how easy it is to install and get started with ControlCore.
bullet Download the latest ControlCore basic version here: (controlcoreSetupV452.exe).
bullet Locate and double-click the installation file: controlcoreSetupV452.exe.
bullet Follow the installation instructions.
bullet Start ControlCore from the Start menu.
bullet Follow the QuickTutorial (available from the Help menu).

Now try it  with ControlCore hardware

bulletOpen your ControlCore project and click on the project icon to select your communication method (Local Comm Port if the device is attached to the serial port of your computer,  Remote Ethernet Gateway if you communicate to your device through a Modbus Gateway or CatNet if you use a Catnet Systems front-end).
bulletNow you can download and actually run your control algorithms on your ControlCore compatible hardware.

How to order ControlCore PRO licenses:

bulletWithout an authorization, the ControlCore Pro software will time-out after 15 minutes. There are two ways to authorize your Pro version:
USB authorization key Any computer with the ControlCore key inserted can run ControlCore Pro. You can also add a ControlCore Pro authorization to an existing ControlCore USB key, purchased earlier for device licensing for example. An existing key can be upgraded via a program sent by e-mail. 
Licensing file Licensing  file added to the ControlCore Pro installation folder. The file allows a specific computer to be authorized to run ControlCore Pro. The file is sent via e-mail, no physical shipping involved. To authorize your ControlCore PRO copy, after installing the downloaded version just check the Installation Code from the Help->Authorization menu - see image below - and send it to iSquared software. You will receive your corresponding licensing file that matches the installation code on that specific computer. Note that temporary trial authorizations are also done this way.
bulletThe advantage of using a USB key is you can move it to any computer, while the licensing file only authorizes one specific computer.
ControlCore Basic:



ControlCore PRO licensing file:
(authorizes one PRO copy on a specific computer)

$499 per license

ControlCore PRO license for your existing USB authorization key:

$499 per license

ControlCore PRO license with a new USB authorization key:

$549 per key

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bullet You can get a one-month free ControlCore PRO trial period. Click here for details. 
bulletOEM versions of the ControlCore software are available. Please contact us for details and customizing options.
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