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The ControlCore Network Controller

The ControlCore Network Controller (iNet embedded server or PC NCserver software) is a new product of the ControlCore Suite. It provides secure remote access and supervisory control facilities for your ControlCore projects.

The iNet device is the embedded version of the Network Controller.

The PC NCserver software software installs on any PC and turns it into a ControlCore Network Controller compatible device.

ControlCore Network Controller features:


Remote management of ControlCore devices (download new programs, update firmware, monitor parameters, etc.).


Supervisory control, the Network Controller can run a ControlCore algorithm referencing any of the connected devices including generic Modbus devices.


Secure call-out TCP connections via iSquared Cloud servers, no more static IPs or open network ports.


Access to history data recordings.


Standalone custom remote access Viewer applications. Viewer applications allow remote access to designated data points and recorded history. You can create standalone PC applications with custom pages which can be distributed royalty free to users.


Supports peer-to-peer device intercommunications; on-site devices can access remote data from other devices or from the server itself.


TCP/ Modbus, all connected device's points can be accessed through the Network Controller's TCP/IP connection, eliminates bottlenecks normally associated with slow RS485 networks.


Algorithmic access to weather information by Allows weather conditions information to be included in ControlCore block programming logic.

ControlCore Network Controller video tutorials:

Introduction CCProV4 Demo Viewer applications. NCserver Installation

Getting Started with ControlCore Network Controller:


Download and install ControCore ProV4. This version of ControlCore Device Configurator supports configurations that include a ControlCore Network Controller and also supports creation of standalone Viewer applications.


Download the NC server software on the PC designated to become the ControlCore Network Controller. The Network Controller software will allow  this PC to serve as a ControlCore Network Controller compatible device.


Using ControlCore ProV4, create a project that includes a Network Controller at the root.


Add communication nodes and ControlCore devices to the project as you would with other ControlCore versions.


You can also add supervisory algorithms to the Network Controller node.


Create a custom standalone Viewer application and run it on other PCs.

ControlCore Network Controller pricing:

NCserver - software license, ControlCore Network Controller:

$249 per license

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iNet Network Controller - embedded ControlCore Network Controller:

$449 per device

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iSquared Cloud Services for one ControlCore Network Controller:

from $0.10 per credit

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Free one-month Network Controller Trial Kit:

Complete Network Controller Trial Kit:


- PC Network Controller trial license

- Trial Cloud connect service

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