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ControlCore Suite

The ControlCore suite is a full solution for all energy management projects and for any other control application. Because of its simplicity, it generates great savings in installation and programming time and because of its flexibility, it allows the user to create and run any control algorithm inside a micro controller based I/O device. In addition, remote monitoring of installed devices via Internet is now easier than ever.

Watch here a brief ControlCore introduction and learn more about its powerful features and ease of use.

The ControlCore software suite has two main applications: the ControlCore Device Configurator and the ControlCore Network Controller.

The ControlCore Device Configurator is a programming system for micro controller embedded data acquisition and control applications. It provides a Windows based user interface and embedded firmware. The ControlCore system allows a user to completely configure, download, and monitor an arbitrary control algorithm inside a micro controller based communicating I/O device. It provides a visual, function-block oriented, programming experience allowing Industrial Automation and/or HVAC professionals with no programming skills to implement custom control strategies.
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The ControlCore Network Controller is a new application developed to work in conjunction with ControlCore devices. It installs on a PC and it acts as communication gateway and a supervisory network node. It provides a continuous local comm. connection for the ControlCore devices of a site or installation while providing in the same time a remote connection for the ControlCorePro Device Configurator. An embedded version  - the iNet Network Controller - is under development.
The ControlCore Viewer provides a remote visual monitoring environment for site parameters in real-time. The user can create simplified remote viewers, defining pages and parameters required for monitoring. The customized viewer applications can be distributed royalty free to various users.
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