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TemcoControls Supported Hardware

ControlCore supported hardware:

- we also support third-party hardware, by replacing the manufacturer original firmware with ControlCore compatible firmware, designed by our engineers for a specific device. Note that the user have to manually upgrade the original firmware with ControlCore firmware. Compatibility requirements summarized in the table below are very important for the correct functioning of the device. Once upgraded to ControlCore firmware, third-party devices also need to be authorized (click here for detailed step-by-step procedure).

Temco Controls compatible devices:

Device Model Name

Ordering information / ControlCore Compatibility requirements ControlCore compatible firmware
(right-click to download)
- Tstat6, Tstat6-C PIC (piccore rev7.hex) / ISP (Tstat_ISP_REV37_59128.hex). CCTSTAT6_V200.hex
- Tstat6-CO2* PIC (piccore rev7.hex) / ISP (Tstat_ISP_REV37_59128.hex).
for Tstat6-CO2 devices, internal temperature reading Tint is not supported.
- T3-32I PIC (PICCore_rev6.HEX) / ISP (TEMCO_ISP_t32in_rev35.hex). CCT332I_V200.hex
- T3-8I13O PIC (PICCore_rev13.HEX) / ISP (TEMCO_ISP_8in13out_Rev35.hex). CCT38I13R_V200.hex

* Note: the list above shows currently supported devices, it is strongly recommended to include the above compatibility requirements when ordering devices from TemcoControls.

Brief instructions for using ControlCore with TemcoControls hardware: 

bulletLocate and download the corresponding HEX file for your device.
bulletStart the ccISP firmware upgrade utility from the ControlCore program folder.
bulletUpgrade the Tstat5/6 thermostats or the T3 modules with the ControlCore executive firmware using the ccISP firmware upgrade utility.
bulletOpen your ControlCore project and click on the project icon to select your communication method (Local Comm Port if the device is attached to the serial port of your computer or Remote Ethernet Gateway if you communicate to your device through a Modbus Gateway).
bulletNow you can download and actually run your control algorithms on your Tstat5/6 thermostats or T3 I/O modules.

NOTE: Without an authorization key, the programmed thermostats or I/O modules will time-out after 2 hours of continuous use. Re-powering the device will reset the time-out period. 

How to order ControlCore device licenses for TemcoControls hardware:

bullet The ControlCore standard version software downloaded from this site (GUI and Firmware) is complete and fully functional, however, without an authorization, the programmed devices will time-out after a 2-hour demo period. For Tstat5/6 series thermostats, the message "t-o" will be displayed. For T3 series I/O modules, the LEDs will start flashing back and forth. In both cases, re-powering the device will reset the time-out period.
bullet In order to authorize your devices you will need a USB key along with the number of licenses required (one license will unlock one device). Installing the key enables the ControlCore "Authorize" feature. You will only need to purchase one authorization key. The number of licenses available on the key can be replenished at any time via e-mail.
Initial USB authorization key  (includes ten Tstat5/6 licenses): $199 contact us *
Key Replenishment for 10 (ten) Tstat5/6 licenses: $15  per license

Key Replenishment for 100 (one hundred) Tstat5/6 licenses: $10  per license

Key Replenishment for one T3 licenses: $30 per license

Key Replenishment for 10 (ten) T3 licenses: $25 per license

Key Replenishment for 100 (one hundred) T3 licenses: $20 per license

* Since physical shipment of a product is involved, please contact us and provide the shipping address for a price quote that includes shipping.


Additionally, iSquared software inc. can port the ControlCore executive to your hardware. Contact us for details.

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