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iNet: Full-featured intelligent embedded Network Controller, provides secure remote access and supervisory control facilities for your ControlCore projects.

iNet embedded Network Controller

ControlCore Network Controller features:


- Remote management of ControlCore devices (download new programs, update firmware, monitor parameters, etc.).


- Supervisory control, the Network Controller can run a ControlCore algorithm referencing any of the connected devices, including generic Modbus devices.


- Secure call-out TCP connections via iSquared Cloud servers, no more static IPs or open network ports.


- Access to history data recordings.


- Standalone custom remote access Viewer applications. Allow remote access to designated data points and recorded history.


- Supports peer-to-peer device intercommunication; on-site devices can access remote data from other devices or from the server itself.


- TCP/ Modbus, all connected device's points can be accessed through the Network Controller's TCP/IP connection, eliminates bottlenecks normally associated with slow RS485 networks.


- Algorithmic access to weather information by Allows weather conditions information to be included in ControlCore programming logic.


- Two RS485 network ports, adjustable baud rates

Datasheet: iNet.pdf

Price: $449
(includes NCserver software license, value of $249)

iNet - embedded ControlCore Network Controller: $449 per unit Get a quote
Optional: iSquared Cloud Services for one ControlCore Network Controller:

from $0.10
per credit

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/ - CE and FCC Declaration of Conformity

iNet Network Controller video tutorials:

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bullet How to connect to the ControlCore Network Controller software. Demo of its main features.
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