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Welcome to iSquared software inc.
One-stop Solutions for Automation and Control

iSquared software has been involved in automation and control software for over 25 years developing a wide range of products including PC based GUI applications as well as micro controller based embedded devices. 

The ControlCore suite, our most recent product, leverages these years of experience providing a fresh new approach to embedded software development. ControlCore is a complete solution that allows a user to create and download arbitrary control algorithms into micro controller hardware, creating complete, ready for market, embedded control applications in minutes rather than the weeks or months normally required with traditional development tools.

Typical applications for our programming tools include energy management programs, translating into considerable energy savings examples with minimal investments. Our engineering team also continues to support custom product development to meet your application requirements.



bulletMonitor & control your ControlCore devices from the web, using your iPhone, Android, Windows/Mac/Linux machine. All you need is an iNet and a web browser! ControlCore version 4.60 required.
bulletThe iNet is now available; new full-featured intelligent embedded Modbus Network Controller.
bullet ControlCore PRO and ControlCore basic version 4.60 are now available, with added new features.
bulletNetwork Controller software now available! Remote internet access and supervisory control for your ControlCore projects.
bulletGet your free one-month ControlCore PRO license here.
bulletThe iMod6 is now available! The new, iSquared designed, Modbus intelligent DIN-Rail I/O module can be ordered now.

Watch our short videos:
 NEW!- Click here for an introduction to iSquared Cloud Services and how to create ControlCore Websites.
 - Click here for a brief ControlCore introduction and learn more about its powerful features and ease of use.
 - Click here to see how easy it is to install and get started with ControlCore.
 - Click here for a brief ControlCore Network Controller introduction and learn more about its main features.
 - Click here for a video tutorial on how to install and get started with the ControlCore Network Controller software.
 - Click here to learn how to connect to the ControlCore Network Controller. Demo of its main features.
 - Click here for a video tutorial on the ControlCore Viewer. Learn how to create standalone Viewer applications.

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